About Bangladesh
140 million with about 86 per cent of the population is Muslim. It is the second largest Muslim country in the world. Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and a small segment of tribal people constitute the minority groups.
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Success lies in the ability to adapt with changing times. That is something we have learnt over the past years. We have also learnt to anticipate that change and mould our services to meet the needs of our valuable clients.
Interflow Limited is a recruitment company and main line of business is to provide any categories of manpower from Bangladesh to any overseas countries. The availability of youthful, inexpensive, trained and easily trainable labour permits production as a comparatively low cost. The labour force of professional, supervisory, skille, semiskilled and unskilled in Bangladesh is estimated at present to be around 50.7 million including 21 million female. The labour market from Bangladesh is reliable and provided at world-wide competitive rates.
The government’s policy has provided investment in social and human resource development which will create new markets and generate demand for exporting manpower resources.
We have a close contact with the national vocational training institute where skilled manpower is developed and trade tested. Our human resource department consist of experts from personnel management to training specialists. Each area of our work is departmentalized on a functional basis.
Over the past decade, we have built up an impressive track record of providing a huge work force to the Middle East and Gulf countries. We have established standards of expertise in selecting and recruiting the right people for the right job. Thus ensuring employer satisfaction from a productive work force. We have introduced an innovative recruitment staff welfare concept recently, giving added valued to the employer and employee.
We value the commercial needs of our clients, understanding the necessity to demonstrate our capacity and above all realize that its quality that really counts.
Our integrity, pragmatic approach and professional management has largely been responsible for the company’s achievements.
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